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We intend to change the world through gaming. 50% or our profits

are directed towards climate action campaigns our players select.

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Tackling Plastic Waste Crisis

in the Baltic Sea

There are more than 150 million tonnes of plastic waste in the world’s oceans. The majority, more than 80 percent of plastic garbage comes from land.

Microplastic and larger plastic waste can also be found on Finland's beaches all the way from Perämeri to the eastern part of Suomenlahti. These beaches are the most polluted in the Baltic Sea area, and as much as 90 percent of the

rubbish on the beaches is plastic.


Most of the large-scale plastic rubbish comes from picnics and construction sites. After cigarette butts, the most typical waste are plastic shreds, foams, plastic bags, bottles and packaging waste.

Plastic waste threatens marine nature, animals and human health. Marine plastic waste could double by 2030

if current developments are not halted.

Together we can make a difference. We have teamed up with WWF Finland to protect the Baltic Sea.

For each community goal achieved by the players, we donate funds to the campaign, up to 5000 euros. This donation is directed to WWF Finland’s conservation work for saving the Baltic Sea.


APRIL 2021