Changing the course of business.

Climate change is real and it's caused by our ever-growing consumption while the free markets are willingly feeding it.

Businesses have more and more control over our lives. Through their marketing, they affect our values, desires and decisions.

To steer us away from the current crash course,

businesses need to change. 

Our mission is to start this change through gaming.

Planet Patrol

You play, we give.

Portion of our profits are directed to campaigns our players can choose from.

We carefully select our partners and campaigns to maximize the climate impact.


About us

Ilmari Hakkola and Markus Eräpolku have worked together at Rovio and separately at companies such as Redlynx, Ubisoft and Fake Graphics, participating in both mobile and AAA productions, both having over 15 years of experience within games industry.

They both share the passion of making the world better through gaming.


Ilmari Hakkola



Markus Eräpolku



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