Play the world better.

We develop engaging casual games

to raise awareness and mobilize resources and funds to

help the world achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with a strong focus on Climate and Environmental related causes.


You play, we give.

We carefully select our partners and campaigns and aim to channel half of our profits to charities and other partners 

through campaings our players will be able to choose from. 

We will also engage directly with technology providers

and companies' CSR departments to find 

partnerships to channel even more 

resources in funding the SDGs.


Siemenpuu Foundation & JAPESDA

Indonesia, Gorontalo Province, North Sulawesi


Engaging players with purpose

We introduce a new, highly engaging element rarely

seen in mobile games: purpose. 

By making in-game actions turn into impactful real-world actions,

we make every play session feel meaningful. 

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Planet Patrol

About us

Ilmari Hakkola and Markus Eräpolku and the other co-founders, advisors and early investors form a team with decades of experience in the gaming industry, banking / sustainable finance and other industries. 

What unifies this diverse team is the passion and firm belief that we can

make the world better through gaming.


Ilmari Hakkola

Founder, CEO


Markus Eräpolku

Founder, CTO


Jukka Pihlman


Vice Chairman

We'd love you to get in touch with us!