4Good Games
Play a game, save the world

The games industry is blooming, with the global games market value being

108 billion USD in 2017.

Mobile gaming is more popular than ever, taking

42% of the global market value. 

The average time we spend playing mobile games is 23 minutes per day. 

What if we could harness this time & money for

saving the planet?

Gamifying charity.

At 4Good Games, we develop & publish mobile F2P titles in order to generate funds for charitable causes and climate research.

4Good Foundation

Zero greenwashing, zero nonsense.

We aim to become one of the 

biggest funders of charity and climate research, worldwide.

We are not focusing on charity in order to create business - we focus on business in order to create charity.

The goal?

$500 million donated - per year.

Announcing Planet Patrol

We are working on our first free-to-play title which will be released in 2019.

Planet Patrol

The team

Ilmari Hakkola and Markus Eräpolku have worked together at Rovio and separately at companies such as Redlynx, Ubisoft and Fake Graphics, participating in both mobile and AAA productions, both having over 15 years of experience within games industry.

They both share the passion of making the world better through gaming.

Be part of changing the business as we know it.

Ilmari Hakkola
Markus Eräpolku

Ilmari Hakkola

Creative Director

Markus Eräpolku

Technology Lead

Be part of the movement.

We are looking into growing our team with like minded industry professionals.


We are also looking for investors to join us in our mission

to change the world - for good. 

4Good Games


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