4Good Games founders, co-founders, advisors and early investors form a team with decades of experience in the gaming industry, banking / sustainable finance and other industries. 

What unifies this diverse team is the passion and firm belief that we can

make the world better through gaming.




Ilmari Hakkola

Founder, CEO

Ilmari Hakkola has been working in games for 20 years. He started in the industry as a graphic designer in 2000 at Enlightenment Entertainment and was one of the first employees of Rovio Entertainment in 2005. In 2007 Hakkola founded Kombo, a production company acquired by Rovio in 2011, after which he led the audio department of Rovio, managing the audio brand of Angry Birds & other titles with a team of 10 audio professionals. 

Ilmari believes businesses have the biggest impact on how our future looks like. They have a big role in defining our values and through our values the way we consume. “The change comes from individuals, but the businesses have a tremendous power over our actions - this is why businesses need to change.”


Markus Eräpolku

Founder, CTO

Markus has 15 years of experience in video games and virtual reality technology. He got his M.Sc. in 2004 from Helsinki University of Technology, where he was a part of the Virtual Reality Research group. Markus wants to develop games that are more than entertainment. His latest gaming position was with Ubisoft in Montreal, Canada, where he acted as Artificial Intelligence Programmer.  

Markus believes that we should use technology for good, not for personal gain. He wants to build sustainable, meaningful games. “By changing what we do every day, we have the power to shape our common future to be a long and rich one, rather than just spending it all during our current generation”.


Jukka Pihlman

Co-founder, Vice Chairman

Jukka has two decades of international banking and financial markets experience from both public and private sectors as well as at IMF, where he was advising governments and central banks on asset and risk management related issues. He has worked with governments, international development finance institutions, large charities and the private sector to help countries finance the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Jukka believes that individuals and private sector will have to play an increasingly larger role in helping countries reach the Sustainable Development Goals. While trying to do his best on an individual level, he is always looking for
ways to make a larger impact with his investments and time and strongly believes that 4 Good Games can do that.


Advisors & Investors


Niklas Hed

Niklas Hed is the founder of Rovio, the developer of the Angry Birds franchise.


Jouni Utriainen

Jouni Utriainen is an industry veteran, having worked as a producer at Supercell for over 6 years building the success story we know.


Girish Ramdas

Girish Ramdas is the co-founder and CEO of Magzter, worlds leading global digital newsstand.  


Teemu Mäki-Patola

Teemu Mäki-Patola is the COO of Frogmind, the developer of the highly acclaimed Badland series.

ChrisHamilton (1 of 1).jpg

Chris Hamilton

Ex-head of Rovio Stars publishing line & advisor at IGDA Finland, Chris is helping companies to make ROAS positive charitable actions.  


Risto Isomäki

Risto Isomäki is a Finnish researcher and author of many climate change related books. 

For Potential Partners and Investors

We have identified potential partners for the games that we are developing and will be choosing them prior to the global launch of our first game, but we are interested in hearing further ideas and proposals. 

We have also received several expressions of interest in investing in 4Good Games. While we currently don't need additional funding, we are assessing the potential of bringing in small minority investors whose involvement could add value to our mission. 

Please contact Ilmari Hakkola and Jukka Pihlman if you are interested.